When you press me to your heart I’m in a world apart, a world where roses bloom 


I’m sick. Other than that, life is good.

I think it’s a good sign when you send a boy a photo of the donut you’re eating and he writes back, “a sexy, geeky, intelligent woman that loves donuts and tea as much as I do. I like you :)”  There was one more descriptor that I left out. Heh. I’ve continued seeing the cryptographer.  Going to try out the nickname Dynamic D for him and see how it goes. Last Wednesday we went to a few different places in Logan Square, including Webster’s Wine Bar, The Whistler (tasty drinks, super hipster), and upstairs at Slippery Slope (which I LOVED). Then I saw him Friday evening through Sunday morning. I saw him last night. Sick together. We walked to the train together this morning, his suggestion.  And he said today that he is looking forward to see where this all leads. He has his own businesses and works from home, which makes scheduling things and hanging out easy. His creepy person tendencies also line up with mine perfectly. He is sweet and affectionate and has super blue eyes. And whenever we part ways, he always asks when he is going to get to see me again, which is nice. Anyway…

Two more therapy days left! This year has flown by.

And now it’s time for bed.


Got to get you into my life


Life is good.  I’m at Eva’s. Drinking a decaf latte and eating a muffin.  Listening to the Beatles.  Happy.  Getting brunch nearby with friends soon. Then meeting up for the second time with the cryptographer I saw on Thursday. For the first time in a long time, I’m super stoked about seeing a new guy a second time.  Lots to talk about. Lots of rambling ahead.

In her book, either Fina Fey or Amy Poehler wrote about how you can best get to know people by going on walks with them.  I agree.  So I have recently changed my first dates to this.  It’s fun, casual, cheap, and easy to get out of if it isn’t fun, though, I haven’t had a date like this that lasted less than 4 hours. I feel like there’s less pressure for there to be romantic feelings. Anyway. Thursday night I met up with cryptographer at 7 at Millenium Park. We wandered around there. I took him to Lakeshore East Park. Two tea shops and over 5 hours later, it was past midnight and we were at Belmont. I’m curious about him in a way that is rare.  We talked about everything.  And I’m excited to see him today. At some point next week, we are going to get Polish food! On Friday, I went on an ice cream and walk date with a tall half-Chilean comedian. He was cute and dressed well. We laughed a lot, but that’s mostly it. Neither of us has texted the other since. 

Two weeks of therapy left at school. Then a paperwork week. Then a week of Summer Assessment. This school year has flown by.  It has been my second least stressful school year. I’m excited for next year.  I was told Friday that my school “adores” me, which felt good. I was also told that I will be there all 5 days next year, which means no more carrying stuff around! It will also mean the smallest caseload I’ve ever had! 

I had a touching moment at work on Friday. I had a meeting for a speech-only student in the morning. Both parents came. We used a phone interpreter. When I finished speaking about how the student’s progress and his goal for next year, mom started crying.  Not a tear or two, but real crying.  We waited for her to speak and it turns out that she was super happy and thankful.  She said that before, her son spoke little at home and never shared information with the parents. She said he refused to speak in public to anyone.  But now he talks up a storm.  He shares about his day and enjoys communicating. It was a feel good moment that stayed with me for the whole day.

I started running again! Yay exercise. I’m back at 3.1 miles! Though I’m starting to worry that my hip bursitis is coming back. Need to get back into yoga.