Bo moja Warszawa, to moje podwórko i wróbel kolega wesoły, Niedzielne spotkanie w Łazienkach z wiewiórką i droga codzienna do szkoły.


My mom used to sing to me ALL the time even though she was kind of tone deaf. The title of this post is from a song she sang to me. It’s a kids song about Warsaw.

I originally thought I’d get kind of lonely here, spending so much time alone during the week.  But, that has not been the case! On Tuesday evening, I made a friend on a tour that I went on and we hung out after the tour until pretty late.  Got food at a milk bar, went to a regular bar, then got Bahn mi (really tasty). He was originally from India, but had spent the past several years working in Australia as in the middle of taking 6 months off to travel all over. He told me Iran was his favorite place so far and about how nice the people there were and how beautiful it was there.  Then the following two nights I spent with a friend I made via…Tinder. Ha. I downloaded it Sunday night and wrote exactly what the situation was-looking for a friend to show me around and get a drink with.  And I made a new friend that I hung out with Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  I had one of the tastiest cocktails I’ve had ever last night with mezcal, peach liquor, and other stuff. The glass was served in a coconut and there was water poured onto liquid nitrogen in the area between the glass and the coconut, which was a neat effect.  Went to a shot bar (can’t believe we don’t have these in Chicago). Got the best ice cream in the city.  People in Warsaw LOVE ice cream. They eat it alllll the time. Had really good vegan sushi (for serious) and wandered around. Now I have a Polish friend.

During the day yesterday I went to Lazienki park and the Palace on the Isle that’s there, as well as the “white building” and a botanical garden. I love taking photos of chandeliers, and there were LOTS of chandeliers to take photos of.  I also got to see one of the red squirrels.  They are much cuter than gray American ones. I went to Pole Mokotowe, which my dad told me he used to go to.  It’s a big park.  There used to be a pool there that he went to, but now it’s all run down, closed off, and covered with graffiti. I also went to a shopping mall and got some stuff. Don’t know how it will fit in my suitcase.  Heh.  

After every trip to Poland, I always want to move here or closer to here. Last time, I started researching Moving to and working in London. With an EU passport, that would have been not too bad back then. Plus, switching over certification is each (just expensive) and I have a couple of contacts there. NOW things are a little different because of teletherapy. I could totally do that from Warsaw. Granted, the time difference would make it so that I worked afternoons and evenings, but that’s okay. You make less money doing teletherapy, but stuff here is cheaper, so that’d be fine. I’d be near relatives. Plus, while doing that I could work on improving my Polish and then doing speech therapy here. Sounds like a plan, no? We shall see.


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