You worry bout the wrong things, the wrong things


Long time no post.

For the first time ever in my whole life, I had a craving for curry.  So I made some curry chicken with cumin and garam masala and coconut milk and tomato and cilantro. All with some garlic naan. It was sooooo good.  

Life is good. I discovered Amazon Prime. I’ve been productive at work. I watched some new shows on Netflix. Cooking new things. Spending time with DDD. Nails quit peeling. Eating less junk. Drinking less caffeine. Reading. Listening to Kanye West.

DDD went to a cookout with me on Labor Day and he got to meet some of my closer friends. It was really fun and my friends all liked him. It’s the first time in two years that somebody I’m seeing has met more than two of my friends. He also said he’d go to a wedding with me.  I had a really tough time asking No Nickname C to do anything with me. We got to do tons of fun couple stuff, but I never felt comfortable asking him to do stuff with my friends or going on Agnes adventures or other stuff. A part of me thinks that it has to do with the long term relationship I was in before. He blamed not having friends on spending time with me. When he should have blamed it on immaturity and personality. But anyway. I think I’m still super concerned about other people’s time. Like, even though I know spending time with me wasn’t the reason he didn’t have a ton a friends, maybe subconsciously I worry about taking up too much of anybody else’s time. Anyway. It isn’t a big deal with DDD. It feels good.

I’m excited for tomorrow!