Nobody speak, nobody get choked


I have had a great past few days, despite Thursday having been Dead Mom Day.  My Christmas Tree was delivered. It is beautiful and perfect. I had friends over yesterday to make ornaments with me.  D made mulled wine and fancy galettes with a rhubarb raspberry apple filling, both of which turned out delicious. I made Polish gingerbread. Friends brought sweet treats (of which I have a lot now). And beer. Ornaments are super cute.  A few are posted on the bottom.  If you want to make an ornament, let me know. I still have a TON of crafting stuff.

It is supposed to snow today, so I’m super, super excited about that. I recently ordered new snow boots.  These are mega heavy-duty Sorel snowboots. Not the cute fuzzy ones with suede.  These look like they are for serious snow trekking.

I can’t believe that there are only two weeks of school left before our three-week long Winter Break! I’m expecting to pick up a second school for a day a week after break because my caseload at school is on the low side. But we’ll see. I have 7 or 8 open evals right now, which is a lot for me. Busy two weeks.

I’m excited to go back to NC and see my brother and cook Polish food with him!  I feel like every Christmas Eve is a bit better than the one before, so go us!

I’m going to the Nutcracker in a weeeeek! I just read an article about it in the Chicago Tribune. And it’s going to be TOTALLY different. It takes place during the World’s Fair in Chicago. The main character, Marie, grows up in a single-parent household and her mother is a sculptor. And Drosselmeyer is a mix of Nikola Tesla and Daniel Burnham. I’m used to the upper-middle class opulence of the previous one. BUT I love Chicago and the music is the same, so I’ll be open. Excited to dress up with D and go see it!

Also, I bought a pressure cooker!




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