Run down yellow brick roads toward riches, just be sure to not trust no wizards. The golden age is now gone, admit it. All that’s gold is not gold that glitters.


I feel myself becoming more of a nerd the older I get. I feel like in high school, college, grad school, and my first year in Chicago, I was pretty set in my ways and not very open to new things (people, experiences, food). Since then, I’ve picked up LOTS of new interests and hobbies.  In part, that’s due to roommates, being in relationships, having friends that I spend a lot of time with, trying new things with people I trust. I think it’s healthy to learn from the people you spend time with. I’m braver and more confident than I was.  I’m friendlier and better around new people (though still intimidated by large groups of strangers). Anyway. I tend to pick up things from people I spend lots of time with. Currently, it’s rap and nerd stuff.  Also, there’s somebody at work that I want to be real life friends with, but don’t know how to go about it. Ha. Maybe I’ll pull the old sticky note-it worked with Moxie Chi!

Anyway. I made what I call a character folio for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign. The nerdiest I’ve ever felt in my life was when I finished it.  I was SO freakin’ excited.  I’m stoked to show it off and use it tomorrow. I got a basket-full of materials at Michael’s.  See:


Let’s see. What else has happened in the past month?  I enjoyed Christmas season, but actual Christmas in NC was kinda crappy.  I really liked the second act of the new Nutcracker.  The first act was a little busy.  Um. I’ve been reading a book called Don’t Sleep, There are Snakes.  It’s about the Piraha, which are a small tribe of Amazonian Indians in central Brazil. So far I’ve read that they have no numbers, counting, or color words. Other really interesting things too, but that’d take too long to write.  Would anybody be interested in doing a monthly book club?  Maybe? Anybody? Let me know. Still haven’t used my pressure cooker. Ate too much Nutella when I was in NC. I just bought a lady bow tie to wear at my friends’ wedding.  It’s super cute! The school year is almost half-over. It’s looking like I may be going to Poland again this summer. Dead of Winter is a really fun game. Pipeworks’ almond coconut abduction is an awesome beer. I have one more physical therapy appointment left.  I went to the Field Museum this week.  I was most interested in the Tattoo exhibit, which was cool, but I wanted it to be cooler.  There are two additional tattoos I want to add. Maybe if I can stop spending money on dresses, I can get them.  A small skyline behind one of my ears. And the Warsaw Siren somewhere (still not sure where).  I liked this picture from that exhibit:


That was a lot of rambling. Oops.