Wouldn’t it be lovely?


I’m sick. And it sucks because I had a really busy, tiring week and was looking forward to a relaxing and calm weekend.  This week, I flew kites with my students at school and it was so much fun. I got sunburned and got a blister or two on my feet. BUT all worth it. The majority of the kids had never flown one before and seeing their faces when their kites were up in the air was awesome!

I’m very unexcited about next school year, which is a crappy feeling and makes me very unmotivated now. Everybody is jumping ship. Negotiations with my contract company did not go the way I wanted. With the same amount of therapy minutes as this past school year, I’m only slated to be at my school 3 days a week instead of 5. My students this year have made so much progress. More than half had one-on-one sessions. Lots of kids had services more than one time per week. AND I was able to see lots of RtI kids. It was nice to see what results I can get with time and resources. Next year will be the opposite. Groups of 3. No time. No RtI.

What else? Summer vacation is only one month away! I didn’t get my typical Chicago summer last year because I worked for two extra weeks and then went to Poland. After I came back, I only had a few days before school started again. This year, will be full of hamocking by the lake, farmers’ markets, wandering, and FUN FRIDAYS.

We went to Garfield Park Conservatory for Mother’s Day. I hadn’t ever been there before and it was beautiful!

Next week is book club! I’m excited for this one because we are trying a new venue AND I got a little something for everybody. Hehe.

Ugh. Went to Planetary Prom at Adler with DDDDDDDD. I fell asleep during the movies but it was still neat going! I want to try Jazzin’ at the Shedd sometime. Who’s in?

And also the Botanical Gardens and I want a spa day at the Abbey in Lake Geneva. Any takers?



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