You stole my car and you killed my dog.


The first few days of my summer vacation have been perfect! I walked about 30 miles 4 days and was super productive.  You know how much I love walking and productivity. I’ve been reading. Watching movies. Cleaning. Cooking. Learning German. Eating. I had the first Friday of the year with a friend. We walked at least ten miles. The day ended with Tapas at Cafe Babareeba.  It was my second weekend in a row getting Tapas. I LOVE TAPAS AND SANGRIA. The previous weekend, I had a ladies’ afternoon in Evanston. We saw Wonder Woman (which I loved), waited out a rainstorm with drinks at this awesome place called Found, and then tapas. Had friends over yesterday for my take on soup, salad, bread sticks and board games. I’m super excited for book club this week.

ALSO, funny story. Last weekend, a friend’s husband came and picked D and I up so we could all go to her dance performance together. And in the car was another of her friends…a person I went to HIGH SCHOOL WITH! A small high school 800 miles away! My graduating class had 95 people in. What are the odds that I would have a mutual friend with somebody I graduated with 14 years ago so far away?!?!

I’ve been thinking lately about how awesome the people I surround myself with are. And by those people, I mean D and all my friends. August will be 8 years in the city for me.  I remember what life was like when I first came here, not knowing anybody. Life was very small for me.  I barely knew anybody and did not adventure much. I was not very open. And look at me now! Now I have all these wonderful, smart, engaging friends. The beginning of June was a year since D and I went on our first date. It’s been such a great year. He’s a great co-adventurer and I feel very fortunate to have him around. Living together has been surprisingly easy too.

Breakfast bagel and decaf whole milk latte with almond syrup at Eva’s. My favorite!